A Special Maltese

Maltese puppies

Grooming my Maltese

We start each day by brushing or combing our hair, wipe the sleepy's out and a fresh ponytail to keep the hair out of our eyes :)

 I use the Tail n Mane while horse conditioner and some Bright and white shampoo.  i have used everything out there for white doggies :) but that is the most reasonable priced.  Walmart has some that has a great smell and great conditioner.


Each maltese is different.  The texture of there hair etc. Some are easier to manage than others.

I noticed as i raise these that the tear stains that a few went through was through there teething months and i had to make sure i took some little clippers and kept the hair from growing into there eyes. now i have no tear stains.  ( i went through bottled water and many tear stain removers)  Angel Eyes is the ONLY one that will work. given by mouth.  Washing the sleep out of there eyes each morning with a warm rag works the best.

Not every groomer knows or has done a maltese so be sure you ask before leaving your baby.  i find that bathed once a week and use some grooming spray in between you can maintain it, just depends on the time you want to take with them to groom.

Every month or two i take mine to a professional groomer named Pam. She is very experienced and i have set there while she has done my dogs.  She spends 3 or 4 solid hours on them.  Then i can give them there once a week shampoo, conditioner and blow dry.

i like mine to be shelled out.  ( all the hair off the bellies) i do this myself to with some clippers.  keeps the tee tee from getting in there hair.  Its nice to clip around the eyes to keep stray hairs from growing in them.  Clean inside the ears also to keep down yeast infection, they get this from moisture staying inside the ear on that hair.


I will add more as i go along :) feel free to ask.


This is so important!! i started using Royal Canin (with the yorkie on the front) it is special formula for long haired dogs.  well in two months time, i have no more tangles and it is so much easier to groom and bath now!!